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Monday, December 12, 2005

Sometimes I wish I could snatch a beautiful moment in my hand and put it in my pocket…

Riding the carousel as a child, as the horse rose and fell, with the twinkle of bright fairground lights and the taste of cotton candy on my tongue.

The early morning after first being intimate with somebody, bodies tangled in sheets while intertwined with each other, simply enjoying the after-glow of the previous night.

The bittersweet taste of an especially good cup of coffee, sipped slowly between bouts of engaging conversation with friends.

…I’d tuck these away, only to be pulled out when times and circumstances had changed and the moments were nothing more than vague memories.

I’d pull one out of my pocket and open my hand so the moment could be experienced again.

And I’d pray for deep pockets.

posted by Pete 12:05 PM
Sometimes we are eager,
sometimes we are sad.
But whatever we long for
life cannot be bad.

: )
Anders W.E.
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