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Monday, November 14, 2005
[[ THE MENU ]]

“Sabuddy's is an Israeli restaurant featuring the standard list of Middle Eastern dishes, but noteworthy for its chicken shawarma. Tempe has a number of Middle Eastern restaurants not far from Mill Ave., but Sabuddy's has by far the best shawarma. Cooked on a spit and scraped off for pitas or the entree version, this dish is highly recommended...

…The menu also has some other entrees unique to the restaurant (like Jerusalem meatballs, I think), but I never paid much attention to those since the shawarma (which comes with funny kinds of pickles) is so good.” – from a review on igougo.com

My housemates and I went to Sabuddy's – or as I call it, “that A-rab restaurant” – over the weekend. Its simple décor and casual atmosphere belies an elegant class that even some of the fancier eateries can’t quite capture.

I felt woefully underdressed and said so, adding I might have been more comfortable had I strapped some explosives to my chest before getting dressed. All three housemates furrowed their brows collectively when I made that comment. But such attire might've made the staff a little too nostalgic for the old country so it's probably better that I went "non-suicide casual" instead.

While we were looking over the menu, the waiter came over and sung the praises of the chicken shawarma. He kept referring to it as "the most popular dish" at Sabuddy's and went on and on about how delicious it was. We asked for a few more minutes to decide so he went to take some other orders.

A few minutes later my housemate Chris excused himself and went to find the restroom. While he was gone, the waiter returned so I asked, "What's the least popular dish?"

He looked a bit stunned then went on to say it was the Jerusalem meatballs, quickly adding, "But not because it isn't good. It's good but just isn't ordered very often."

Trying to reassure him, I said I understood then added, "Meatballs just aren't as popular as they used to be, you know, back in the day."

The waiter wandered off looking dazed and Chris soon returned.

None of us mentioned that whole "least popular dish" episode to him; sometimes it's better to just let sleeping meatballs lie.

When we finally ordered, Lindsey and I both got the beef stew, Dena had her heart set on the chocolate mousse, and Chris… well, Chris ended up asking for a big heaping plate of Jerusalem meatballs.

And was slightly taken aback for a moment when the rest of us looked ever so tickled by his choice.


posted by Pete 1:00 PM
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