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Sunday, October 02, 2005
[[ The Dying ]]

Too many people are dying around me.

Last night I went to this bar for a memorial service. You'd think that would be an odd choice for such a service but not if you knew the deceased.

"Let's all meet at the bar and get really fucked up. Why? Because Don would've wanted it that way!"

He would've been so disappointed in me - I never even had a drink.

I saw his brother there from across the bar but didn't go over to say anything. I don't know him that well and what am I suppose to say?


Like he hasn't heard that a thousand times in the last week or two.

I almost didn't go. I was still reeling from the phone call, in which I found out another friend died earlier this week. I'm going to his memorial service on Monday.

The power went out when I got home. So I went to sleep and woke up later with lights on. None of the clocks have been reset. It is a timeless moment.

My cat smells like dust. She's been very vocal these last few days. I think she's been trying to tell me something but I don't speak feline fluently. However I'm beginning to understand her mewling.

She'll sit in the window for a while then come over and whisper in my ear.

"I see Death on the street below."

Right now I'm sitting here eating cottage cheese.

When I was little and felt bad, my grandma would give me a bowl of cottage cheese. It was comfort food.

My bowl is almost empty now.

I might need more cottage cheese.

posted by Pete 5:28 AM