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Monday, July 05, 2004
[ FAHRENHEIT 9/11 -- The Temperature at which Boredom Burns ]

Maybe it was the pre-release hype.

Maybe it was because Bowling for Columbine was so damn good. It had depth and was all-encompassing. It resonated. It had heart.

But I don't rightly know.

When it was all said and done, the last thing I expected this Michael Moore movie to be was... boring.

Moore's anti-Bush opus was too long. It was mostly cinematic shock and awe. The crappy soundtrack music wasn't any less crappy because it was used ironically. The novelty of Bush's infamous non sequitur bushisms, sprinkled throughout the film, wore thin years ago. There wasn't enough of Moore himself doing what he does best - being Michael Moore while interacting with adversarial interviewees.

I guess Moore expected George W. Bush to carry the film. The man is having trouble carrying a country, and carrying on a war, but he expected him to carry this film? Maybe that was his point, but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy watching it.

So what were Moore's other points? Hmmm...

1. War is Bad.

2. Corporations and a few individuals profit from war.

3. People die during wartime.

4. Relatives of the war dead, on both sides, get a tad emotional when their loved ones die.

5. A number of people aren't too fond of President Bush.

6. Michael Moore isn't too fond of President Bush.

Did we really need a film to tell us all that?

Reportedly, Moore's next target will be the U.S. health care system. So you don't have to go see the film when it's released, here's a synopsis:

1. U.S. Health Care is bad.

2. Corporations and a few individuals profit from the U.S. health care system.

3. People die due to an inadequate health care system.

4. Relatives of the dead get a tad emotional when their loved ones die due to inadequate health care.

5. A number of people aren't too fond of U.S. Health Care.

6. Michael Moore isn't too fond of U.S. Health Care.

Think of it as a public service. When Moore's next film comes out, now you can go see Spiderman 3 or the latest Bruce Willis flick instead.

And for those people who make fun of Moore's weight, they've obviously never seen him jump a shark. But now... maybe they have.

posted by Pete 11:02 AM
Right on! Moore has definitely "jumped the shark" with this one. With all the political rhetoric and hype, people have missed this fact.
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