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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Some of you may have been asking yourselves,"Where's Pete been?"

Here's the answer.

Pete has been spending most days visiting his computer at the hospital. It seems that no-good computer went out and had "unprotected download" and caught itself a life-threatening virus.

Now the computer locks up after a few minutes when online, so downloading the life-saving anti-virus program is impossible.

Pete and his computer are barely talking after this betrayal. There are bad feelings all the way around, I suppose.

As soon as Pete can afford it, he'll have to take his computer to a specialist. Or a cyber-witch doctor.

In the meantime, Pete visits the public library from time to time and checks his email. But it's not nearly enough time to write proper articles for the blog. Many of his pieces require a certain amount of research (if for no other reason than for "fact-checking"), hence, the lack of publishing as of late.

Also, Pete got himself a business partner and the two of them have leased an art gallery space in beautiful downtown Phoenix. The space needs a lot of work before officially opening.

It was pretty trashed out. Graffiti on the walls, overturned furniture, and a whole shitload of trash. Evidently, from the used syringes and stash of dope we found, some of the old tenants were junkies.

However, we also found about six dollars in spare change littered about -- so, obviously, they weren't very good junkies. If they had been, there wouldn't have been dime one left.

But the place is now clean and newly painted. However, much work remains.

In other news, Pete has been reading his work (much of which has previously appeared on-blog) at a local coffeehouse on Thursday nights. If you live in Phoenix, and want more details, please email Pete. As soon as he visits the library again he'll reply. He promises.

In any case, here's a little something to tide you over. Pete will try to post something once a week until he moves (it's a live-in gallery space) on October 1 and, hopefully, by that time the computer will be feeling better too.

posted by Pete 10:53 AM
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