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Tuesday, May 20, 2003
Various and sundry people have suggested, for some months now, that I post this to the blog. I've been a bit hesitant because, hey, many think "death" is kind of a downer. But what the hell. This entry may go a long way towards explaining my "quirky outlook" on life.

Yes, it's my recollections about...


In short, I had an adverse drug reaction, which caused my heart to stop. Suddenly, I was no longer sitting amongst friends, but found myself... elsewhere.

There I was, floating in an ink-like murky nothingness. However, it was a nothingness that surrounded me. Caressed me. Enveloped me in an unconditional love and compassion the likes of which I had never felt -- not to my recollection, at least -- before or since. Looking down, I saw that my body -- that is, my heavy flesh of a body -- was no more, in its stead was a translucent, yellowish-white outline of my previous self. My projected self-image set into an exquisitely crafted, self-illuminated glasslike sculpture.

So there I was, standing in the proverbial vestibule of death's dark house, when what should I hear -- allegorically speaking -- but a-knockin' at the front door.

Nobody else was coming, so I had to answer death's door. And who should be on the front porch, but the very face of God! Yes, the Holy Ghostest with the Mostest. Mr. "G". (Or is that Ms. "G"?)

The old adage, "Look but don't touch", went right out the window; I instinctively touched the face of God.

And God said unto me, "Hey, hands off the face, pal!" No, I jest. In all seriousness, I understood God to respond, although non-verbally, with what roughly would translate as, "Let there be light."

And so it was, but in this instance, "light" was knowledge. What followed was a rapid, ever-evolving, series of images, the meaning of which was instantly known as I witnessed each. Kind of like seeing, "Life, the Universe and Everything -- Explained!" as if it were a foreign film with (in this case, subliminal) sub-titles.

In the beginning, God was a point of light, matter, consciousness -- everything that was, is, and ever will be -- compressed into this finite being.

But God craved experience, and had the drive -- whether by need, desire, or willingness; mere words are left lacking when it comes to defining the motivation of the finite turned infinite -- to make it so.

And so it came to pass that God transformed from a finite point into the infinite, through a single conscious act.

This act is what scientists call "the big bang".

It is what Christians refer to as "genesis".

Going from one point of light, matter and consciousness; exploding, expanding, transforming infinitely and forever -- becoming what is commonly known as "the universe". (Our concept of which is, in itself, limited by our narrow vision. But that's another subject for another time.)

And, it was shown that each and every far-flung piece of matter -- from a dusty grain of rock on an asteroid, to a blade of grass on Earth, to every soul inhabiting a "fleshy container" called a body on a multitude of worlds -- was, in reality, a little bit of the infinite.

That infinite we call "God".

Separate, yet still connected. With each experience it's own, but also experienced by God.

For us here on Earth, it was revealed, our souls -- independent, yet part of God -- manifest in the physical plane for two distinct purposes. It was in the phrasing of these purposes that "the voice of God" actually spoke, rather than by the instant understanding that accompanied the visions to that point. And what God said, as it applied to each one of us, was this:

''Your purpose here on Earth is two-fold. To learn to love, and for the love of learning.''

And with that, I knew it was time to go, even though I didn't want to leave -- ever -- but somehow knew I must.

Then, I awoke. Back in my body. Later finding out I had had CPR performed on me during the three or four minutes I was gone.

Obviously, from then on, things were never quite the same. But that, too, is a tale for another time.

posted by Pete 11:36 PM
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