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Wednesday, December 11, 2002
[ Mystery of Cattle Mutilations SOLVED! ]

a special WAP news report by
Peter Petrisko (ptp333@yahoo.com)

(WAP) Since the mid-1970s, thousands of cattle in North
America - especially the western U.S. - have been found mutilated. While the specific causes of death have been undetermined, the carcasses have exhibited a bizarre series of trauma that have terrified ranchers and investigators alike.

Some animals have been drained of all blood. Often,
reproductive and rectal organs have been removed with
surgical precision. In other cases, flesh and sensory organs (eyes, ears, tongue) have also been excised. There have been some cases in which internal organs were extracted through tiny, neat holes in the carcass.

Speculation has run rampant over the years, with less than satisfactory explanations only fueling paranoia and fear. Leading theories have included it being the work of satanic cults, secret government groups, or UFOs.

Now, two men from Hampshire, England, who have vacationed throughout North America - especially to parts of the western United States - over the last few decades, have stepped forward to claim responsibility.

Doug Bower and Dave Chorley, both in their seventies, now say they have been responsible for the grotesque mutilations.

Those in the UFO field first became familiar with the two, dubbed "Doug and Dave" by the British tabloid press in the early 1990s, after they claimed to have fooled the world by being behind the creation of the large and evergrowing number of flattened circular patterns found in crop fields of their native country over the previous decade.

After a brief demonstration of their technique, during which a rather simple "crop circle" was created in front of a credulous crowd of tabloid and TV media personnel, the two were hailed as bonafided circlemakers. After the short media-storm that followed, in which the story circulated globally in the press, public interest in "crop circles" waned as the authoritative tone of the reporting effectively
quelled interest in voices offering alternative explanations for the mysterious patterns.

As with the "crop circle" hoaxing, Bower and Chorley have come forward to explain how their series of bovine pranking has been perpetrated.

"We did it in much the same way," Bower explained, "mutilating cattle and other animals under the cover of darkness."

"Yes," Chorley added, "and we did it with much of the same equipment used to fake crop circles. Nothing more than about a 30 metre-length of string, a 2-metre long wooden plank, and a couple of bent coat hangers."

With the mystery of cattle mutilations solved, it will only take a short time, as it occurred after the "crop circle" revelation by Doug and Dave, before the global media once again heralds the resourcefulness of these two tireless hoaxsters as, to paraphrase the original tabloid headline, "The Men Who Fooled the World... Again!" []

For a history on Doug/Dave's circlemaking, see...

For history of cattle mutilations, see...

posted by Pete 2:19 PM
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